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Synonyms for clathrate

having a latticelike structure pierced with holes or windows

designating or relating to a compound in which one component is physically enclosed within the crystal structure of another

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As Arctic seas, lakes, and tundra continue to warm, and more and more permafrost melts, scientists are not certain precisely how quickly methane and carbon dioxide from permafrost and clathrates will reach dangerous levels.
A second possibility is that methane clathrates from the ocean are dragged along into the erupting plumes and release their methane as they rise, like bubbles forming in a popped bottle of champagne.
To examine the composition of gas in the clathrate phase of the samples, synthesized hydrates were decomposed under the temperature of 278 K and pressure of 0.
Gas clathrate hydrates are inclusion compounds formed of
Pelagic fisheries, seabed minerals, and methane clathrates may also prove interesting.
In the other scenario, the methane is still trapped, but this time it's locked inside little molecular cages called clathrates.
During Martian summer, the increased sunlight striking the icy clathrates directly liberates the trapped methane.
Less certain is the possibility of runaway positive feedback effects from, for example, the release of massive amounts of methane from permafrost and marine clathrates buried under the ocean floor [Flannery (2005)].
An even worse case, a seaquake that massively releases methane clathrates from the deep seabed could overpower all the carbon dioxide emission cuts.
In addition to these and the igneous Martian meteorites, many other rocks and minerals are suspected and/or known to be present on the Martian surface or in its interior, including ices and clathrates, carbonates, and other volcanic and magmatic rocks not represented by the SNC meteorites.
The 61 papers are presented in sections on thermoelectrics research directions and oxides; nanoengineered thermoelectrics; films and particles; bulk low-dimensional structures (pressed and self-assembled); nanowires and other new low dimensional structure materials; thermionics and photovoltaics; chalcogenides, skutterudites, and devices; half-heuslers, thallium tellurides, and skudderudites; clathrates and new measurement techniques; oxides and other high-temperature materials; and devices.
In fact, natural gas clathrates make up a substantially greater source of carbon than the estimated natural gas reserves (up to 2,500 gigatonnes of carbon compared with 230 GtC for natural gas).
Lubrajel[R] moisture matrices are clathrates of glyceryl acrylate and glyceryl polyacrylate.
Raman spectroscopy enables study of these substances as gases, in dissolved form, or incorporated in clathrates.
These developments are also related to cage structures of silicon in clathrates.
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