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rock formed from consolidated clay sediments

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The clastic sedimentary rocks were investigated in detail by Hamblin (1989b) who interpreted them to be deposited in fault-bounded extensional basins that were active following the Acadian orogeny, but before the Alleghanian orogeny, and show evidence for multiple episodes of fault motions.
74 Ga--deposition of sequences of tholeiitic basalt, komatiite, felsic turf, iron formation, and abundant clastic sedimentary rocks, accompanied by the emplacement of voluminous, synvolcanic tonalite-trondhjemite plutonic suites and coeval deformation.
The best known silver target is the Borland Lake prospect, which is described as silver - rich mineralized zones along a shear zone in clastic sedimentary rocks.
4-5: "Underlying the basalt is a series of clastic sedimentary rocks ranging from coarse sandstone to shale and mudstone with intermittent gypsum bearing horizons and veins, beds, blebs and cavity fillings of acicular white sellenite.
Gold occurs as micron size particles of carbonates and fine-grained, calcareous, clastic sedimentary rocks.
The Cocha property is located in a belt of Permian-aged clastic sedimentary rocks known to host stratabound copper-silver mineralization.