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a room in a school where lessons take place

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Changing beliefs: Teaching and learning mathematics in constructivist preservice classrooms.
Specifically, they wanted to compare the air in standard school classrooms with that in "mobile classrooms" (trailers in the schoolyard).
Living Classrooms consist of a grove of Famous & Historic Trees and accompanying education materials, including lesson plans for teachers and extensive hands-on activities for students.
In addition to providing live educational programming to classrooms easily, MSI is using Virtual Voyages to serve additional students and generate additional revenue.
The literature has already established the value of discussions in traditional classrooms.
In the morning, half the students visited the decorated classrooms, while the other half hosted the ``tourists,'' said Resa Congdon, chairwoman for the event and a PTA officer.
After all, the many institutions of higher education that have instituted distribution programs for portable computers are expecting those devices to be taken to libraries, student unions, and, of course, classrooms.
That's right, we cleared these newly outfitted classrooms of overhead projectors, pull-down maps and outdated computers.
These strategies were created after several periods of observing students with ADHD and after several meeting with three classroom teachers that had students labeled as having ADHD in their classrooms.
As a result, Classroom Connect's online teacher community will easily be able to search for and find classrooms across the globe with which they can collaborate on Classroom Today curriculum activities and work together as virtual explorers on Quest Interactive Expeditions.
Founded in 1996, GenevaLogic is a privately held company whose Vision([R]) classroom management([TM]) software is used in more than 50,000 classrooms worldwide.
Research has shown that traditional college classrooms do not produce copious classroom discussion or participation and interaction is largely teacher directed.
LANCASTER - Eastside High School's first freshman class will start next school year in portable classrooms at a school leased from the Palmdale School District.
Randal Lemke, executive director of the Fairfax, Virginia-based International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) defines smart classrooms as simply bringing audio-visual, telecommunications and information technology tools together.
A couple of years ago, I wrote: "Most classrooms being designed today look very much like classrooms designed one hundred years ago.