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favoring social equality


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Yet, if we consider that Japan has traditionally represented itself as a classless society, and that it has become increasingly aware of its growing inequality, the relevance of the concept of stratification is more evident.
No wonder Americans, who imagine they live in a classless society (they don't, really) are so intrigued by the show.
When it comes to cars, Britain is anything but a classless society.
Phelan, imbued with late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Progressive spirit, pushed to bridge the city's class divide between working people and moneyed elite, hoping to achieve a harmonious, classless society based on a diverse citizenry.
He said that it is also an occasion to raise public consciousness and mobilize various state and non-state actors to show their renewed assurance for attaining a classless society and for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
If it were a classless society, then they would discuss, face and/or tackle any dispute without resorting to degrading others.
Akdemir said one of the goals of the Quran was to create a classless society.
What is worrying is that Mahatma Gandhi's ideals about a classless society seem to have been forgotten.
The communist insurgents, referred to in India as ''Naxalites,'' are ostensibly engaged in violent struggle on behalf of landless laborers and tribals against oppression and exploitation in order to create a classless society.
Most troubling for Green, "the Haymarket case challenged, like no other episode in the nineteenth century, the image of the United States as a classless society with liberty and justice for all" (p.
In a country that dreams of a classless society, nobody could have done more to ram home the point that the class system still operates in force at this once-beautiful event.
Americans traditionally have fancied themselves as living in a classless society, in contrast to the way most of the world functions.
The North-east ethos of 'work hard, play hard' and that of basically a classless society delivers a seamless 'one team, one win' approach.
The presentation of the two together could have offered a didactic picture of England now and then--Ancient and Modern--but fortunately this was avoided, as their juxtaposition revisited the ongoing complexity of class issues in our gloriously classless society.