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the highest official level of classification of documents

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Taking into account the procedures enforced at the Royal Court, the Premier's Court, the Crown Prince's Court, the Interior Ministry, BDF, National Guard and the National Security Agency, the parties concerned by the provisions of this law shall issue, within six months of its promulgation in the National Gazette, the edict which specify the classified information and documents.
Members of the parliamentary committee on defense and security reviewed a draft agreement with the Government of Belarus on mutual protection of classified information.
White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes, said in an appearance on CNN on Tuesday that in 2014, the White House disclosed cyber intrusions that did not affect classified information.
However, the few documents that were produced suggest that she did discuss Israeli war plans and cyberwarfare techniques with Sanger, which classified information was then published in columns and books by Sanger.
He stressed that the regime of classified information exchange is not envisaged by the legislation of Georgia.
A source told the Daily News that a supervisor had caught Lesnik surfing the Internet during a business meeting, then confiscated the computer, which contained classified information.
The investigative unit, equivalent to the military police, suspects that SDF classified information was accessed by a Yomiuri Shimbun reporter.
Borissov said that there were between nine and 10 reports with classified information missing from Cabinet records.
In summary, LANL experienced 57 reported security incidents involving the compromise or potential compromise of classified information from October 1, 2002, through June 30, 2007, according to DOE's ITAC database.
The agreement, which was signed in Tripoli, Libya, in May 2009, stipulates the equivalent terms for the levels of classification that are used in Ukraine and Libya, the mechanism for changing or canceling them, procedures for mutually exchanging and working with classified information, and for the settlement of disputed issues.
government scientist Stewart Nozette admitted to an FBI agent in a sting operation that he had already passed classified information through contacts in Israel's aerospace industry.
It sought to find a proper balance between security and the need for agencies to share classified information.
Holder stressed that the Justice Department "takes seriously cases in which government employees and contractors entrusted with classified information are suspected of willfully disclosing such classified information to those not entitled to it, and we will do so in these cases as well.
Reinstating a right to access classified information to someone will be a precedent in Bulgaria.
The measures, the Army say, are designed to stop the unauthorized disclosure of classified information to any more military staff.
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