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a classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure or origin etc

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(biology) study of the general principles of scientific classification

practice of classifying plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships

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It concludes that Brown's work warrants further study for the light it may shed on current classification theory and practice.
An interesting nuance in the relationship between those versed in traditional classification theory and those in the records management profession is the way in which each regards the utility of a taxonomy.
The NCCH is the Australian centre of excellence on health classification theory and an expert centre in coding systems.
Subsequent chapters describe group cohomology and module extension theory, Yoneda theory, detailed classification theory by k-invariants, structure and classification of groups of periodic cohomology, and finally, algebraic and two-dimensional geometric homotopy theory in relation to the realization and D(2) problems.
As 1959 came to a close, Richmond spearheaded an effort to create a reading list in classification theory that would "serve as an introduction to the recent literature of classification research .
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