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the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion

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By language abuse, a classical system is a neutrosophic system with indeterminacy zero (no indeterminacy) at all system's levels.
In particular, the correlation length of the autocorrelation function goes to zero when the corresponding classical system is chaotic.
In a classical system, information is stored in the two positions of an electrical switch.
In a classical system, the particles are actuated by forces in such a way that they move along single predictable trajectories, and this leads to [partial derivative]P/[partial derivative]t = 0 everywhere (the local activities are ignored).
Mill's intention in writing the Principles, as he states in the preface of the book, was to revise, expand, and modernize the classical system, as advanced by Adam Smith.
The concepts of classical system engineering bringing the design team together from day one; co-design principles that acknowledge the interaction of the MEMS, other electronics and packaging; reliability analysis and finally the embracing of design for manufacturing and test are the principles that drive this approach.
She asked me to perform a piece of Shakespeare--I forget the passage--and in our mutual appreciation of the demands placed by the text upon the mind, the body, the breath, the soul, I discovered that we were both heirs to a classical system that valued the twin sciences of music and mathematics.
imp] = (1 - t)X + t(R - E) = (1 - t)X + tR because [delta]= 0 implies E = 0, and yields exactly the same result obtained by the original M&M (1963) under a classical system for which [delta]= 1, [X.
where 'Wilson system' stands for the classical system (1) as well as for its modifications listed further in the formulae (5), (22), (23).
Our original manuscript included a comprehensive case study that contrasted the classical system of assessing materiality with the fuzzy logic approach.
Hong believed that Shangdi had chosen him to establish a new order, the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, that would restore the worship of the one true God through the revival of the ancient classical system, including the land system.
Q: In many ways, you advocate a return to the classical system of education--the Socratic Method and even the one-room school house.
Second, several authors discuss departures from a classical system of education in the United States, shifts that took place over an extended period of time.
Just as he believes in the classical system of running a kitchen, Chef Vendome puts his faith in a classical cooking foundation.