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the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion

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In a classical system, information is stored in the two positions of an electrical switch.
Q: In many ways, you advocate a return to the classical system of education--the Socratic Method and even the one-room school house.
A third is the willingness to appropriate from other cultures -- quite significant when one thinks of the reluctance of the French to admit other thought-patterns into their formal classical system of education and ideas.
Chapter Five relies heavily on (often dubious) quantitative data from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in carefully assessing population levels and searching for the sources of internal transformation within this classical system.
The database attribute of being heterogeneous is given especially by the above diversity and therefore a classical system for administration cannot be used.
He abandoned the classical system, predominant at that time, that studied the philosophers and Greek and Latin.
In contrast, a classical system, such as a PC, can do many different tasks depending on programming.
USCIB feels strongly," the statement said," that the double taxation of corporate profits that results from the use of the classical system represents flawed tax policy, and the Panel should, if possible, make a serious effort to achieve a wholly integrated system, like that of many of our trading partners.
By comparing how the system's quantum version varies depending on whether the corresponding classical version shows chaotic behavior, the researchers hoped to identify characteristics of the quantum system that could be tied to chaotic behavior in the classical system.
lubrication: can be realised through the centre of the tool at a high pressure, as the classical system is inefficient because of the air ring which is created around the tool, caused by the high speed,
A compelling representation of the suggested solution concerning the seven range degrees pattern is offered in Figure 3 a and b respectively, by comparison to both the classical system and the QLHR quadratic linear hydraulic regulator adaptive system, together with the theoretical measurements and those resulting from experimental trials.
Ridha Gabouge, Director General of Rural Engineering at the Agriculture Ministry, "the project seeks to develop infrastructure, by creating 161 new DWS systems for over 99,000 inhabitants and improving distribution conditions around transfer axes in the governorate of Bizerte and Jendouba (over 24,000 inhabitants), in addition to 150 classical systems (194,000 inhabitants) and 7 systems to be transferred to the SONEDE in favour of some 29,000 inhabitants.
As quantum systems are even more sensitive to environmental disturbances than classical systems, a quantum computer requires a highly efficient algorithm for error correction.
Nonlinear classical systems can show unpredictable, chaotic behavior; the behavior of the corresponding quantum systems is not well understood.