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study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome

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Although occasional mention is made of satires or relevant classical scholarship produced in the Low Countries (e.
The first reliable scholarly edition of these texts was presented in a minor jewel of nineteenth-century classical scholarship, Karl Otfried Muller's Geographi Graeci Minores, 2 vols.
In this valuable study, Bruce Winter draws upon a wealth of recent classical scholarship to provide a context for the behavior glimpsed in Pauline texts.
Hegemony and Cornucopia: Classical Scholarship and the Ideology of Imperialism
Nevertheless, it was Dover's book that brought the subject, and indeed the in-depth discussion of sexuality as a whole, out of the closet, so to speak, in classical scholarship worldwide.
Through the example of his own analyses, he demonstrates that rigorous classical scholarship need be neither dry, elitist, and irrelevant (as the older attackers claim) nor spoiled by an infusion of contemporary approaches (as the more recent ones claim).
And the theater had prepared a glossary, another nice idea, although not one I think New York audiences would welcome, even though their knowledge of Latin, Greek and classical scholarship can't be any greater than that of people eighty miles to the south.
Tudeau-Clayton also demonstrates that she has read broadly in the British and American scholarship in this area and that she thoroughly understands the traditions of classical scholarship, including the Virgilian commentaries and the work's complex textual history.
Scrutiny of internal changes wrought in a text by physical production also plays a role in this new field; akin to classical scholarship, wherein variant texts are compared and analyzed to establish an archetypal document, the goal of this technique (analytical bibliography) ultimately is to produce critical editions of literary text.
L) only goes to show that a great poet's intuition and sound classical scholarship may sometimes reach the same conclusions by very different routes.
The commentary makes succinct and illuminating use of Renaissance classical scholarship (most interestingly, perhaps, of the 1606 Horace of John Bond, who was probably already acquainted with Jonson at the time of Poetaster).
This is not a work of conventional Classical scholarship.
Sappho's work, like that of most of her contemporaries, survives only in fragments," Williamson begins; "It has always seemed to me paradoxical that the poetry of this period should be the province of one of the most blithely confident branches of classical scholarship.
Among the issues examined is the role racism and anti-Semitism have played in classical scholarship, a debate into which Lefkowitz, who is Jewish, has been squarely, if not altogether fairly, thrust.
In the years since Oxford classical scholarship was revolutionized in the late 1930s by the arrival of such distinguished refugees from Germany as Fraenkel, Pfeiffer, Maas, and others, the Clarendon Press has brought to fruition many works of enduring quality: Fraenkel's Agamemnon, Barrett's Hippolytus, Pfeiffer's Callimachus, Dover's Clouds, West's Theogony are outstanding examples, to stay only with Greek poets or dramatists.
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