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study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome

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I must admit that I hesitate a bit at the notion that this social world is as exclusively literary as Gaisser tends to make it, for historians of classical scholarship have also begun to explore the broader political and economic framework within which Greek and Latin texts were appropriated by later readers.
Wilson traces the course of Greek classical scholarship from Petrarch and Boccaccio to Aldo Manuzio and Marcus Musurus, that is to say, from the fourteenth century, when Renaissance humanism became a self-conscious movement in Italy, to the early sixteenth, when Greek classical scholarship became a European-wide venture and could no longer be considered from a strictly Italian perspective.
But he had a host of followers to assist him, and Bernal points an accusatory finger at many of the great names of classical scholarship, including J.
Italian poet Petrarch (1304-74) is generally seen as inaugurating the Renaissance by retrieving classical scholarship and literature, but Lee points out that he did not do so at the expense of Christianity.
In the main, this theologizing does not detract from his love for classical scholarship or his meditations on myth.
is a landmark in the history of classical scholarship in that it translates a portion of the Minoan Linear A documents.
Five years later he won a classical scholarship to University College, Oxford, before beginning an exceptional career in HM Diplomatic Service.
He links the spread of humanism and classical scholarship to a substantial portion of this disturbance because it created an educated populace capable of raising questions about religious practices for which the traditional Church had no answers.
The topics include whether the Imperium Romanum is a model for a united Europe, classical scholarship in 20th-century Greece, the campaign for the ancient history A-level in Great Britain, the lasting significance of Hippocratic medicine, de-modernizing the classics, a Japanese historical perspective on the study of ancient history, and the value of popularizing Alexander the Great and the classics.
This fifth volume of Brill's New Pauly completes the encyclopedia's coverage of the long aftermath of antiquity, and the process of reinterpreting and revaluating the classical heritage and classical scholarship.
ILE, produced under the auspices of the Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van Belgie voor Wetenschappen en schone Kunsten, is making a vast contribution to our understanding not merely of humanism in the Low Countries at the end of the sixteenth century, but also of Neo-Latin literature and the history of classical scholarship in general.
I do not have the expertise in the textual tradition of Quintilian to evaluate adequately Daneloni's analysis on that account, but I think it is safe to say that Daneloni has provided us with an immensely useful new work on Poliziano and the history of classical scholarship in the Renaissance.
There being plenty of fine introductory surveys of modern classical scholarship in general, Jenkins (classics and ancient history, U.
But the debate is also about the rules of scholarly engagement themselves, and thus about a rgumentation, rhetoric, and defining what ultimately constitutes sound classical scholarship.
Scrutiny of internal changes wrought in a text by physical production also plays a role in this new field; akin to classical scholarship, wherein variant texts are compared and analyzed to establish an archetypal document, the goal of this technique (analytical bibliography) ultimately is to produce critical editions of literary text.
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