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traditional genre of music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste

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This ongoing stress can mean both classical musicians and elite athletes face similar mental health challenges, which may not be immediately apparent to their fans and followers.
The string quartet Opus13, which has performed on national radio in Norway and at the Oslo Quartet Series, as part of their talent development programme, and is taking part in the new Norwegian mentoring programme for classical musicians Crescendo.
Jazz and classical musicians tend to have an appeal to a narrow and better educated part of the population--a part of the population that in Iran is already open to the outside world.
There are three or four classical musicians there that have that profile.
Today's classical musicians are rarely given this choice between expression and perfection.
You see, he's examining music's many transformative uses by bringing together 10 classical musicians who have all been affected by addiction - and they will be performing alongside the London Symphony Orchestra.
Classical musicians will be at the bandstand at South Marine Park on Saturday afternoon and brass bands at the open-air amphitheatre at Sandhaven on Sundays.
O'Neill, director of WIAV, said: "This gala concert promises to be a must-see event for any classical musical enthusiast in Wales as it brings together some of our most respected and highly regarded classical musicians.
Summary: Abu Dhabi: The GCC countries are fast becoming the hottest destination for renowned classical musicians, .
It charges a very nominal fee and has excelled in producing popular classical musicians.
Considered a Boston jazz legend, Broadnax, the son of two well-known classical musicians, began his professional career in 1946 working with baritone sax player Joe Perry.
Let It Be Strings will feature classical musicians and critically acclaimed artists from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, playing Beatles favourites with a classical, "lounge" music or contemporary twist.
He was an advocate of classical musicians and the growth of classical music in the UK.
Poetica Musica is a consortium of classical musicians who have toured extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Since this volume is for one player, however, I believe it addresses the needs of classical musicians more directly, giving them virtually an infinite number of ideas to play with in practice (i.