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a severe recurring vascular headache

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Although the apparitions vary with individual, the British collection revealed that they share certain features in about 20 percent of classical migraine sufferers, Wilkinson says.
This appears especially true for the classical migraine patient because of the stigma associated with hallucinations, Wilkinson adds.
By asking patients to "draw" their headaches, clinicians might gain a better picture not only of related problems such as visual disturbances -- common in classical migraines -- but also of the type of pain itself, whether twisting, burning, pressure or pinprick.
Those with classical migraines can experience disturbed vision, stiffness, co-ordination problems and difficulty with speech, while those with common migraines can experience sickness and increased sensitivity to light, sound or smells.
The research exploring the association between cardiovascular fitness and migraine impact in a sample of 20 women with classical migraines showed that aerobic exercise significantly improved cardiovascular fitness and lessened migraine pain severity significantly.