classical mechanics

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the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion

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Contributors cover the life and work of Prigogine, asymmetry in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics in time, quantum and classical dynamics of nonintegrable systems, statistical mechanics of a gravitational plasma, inverse problems for reaction-diffusion systems with applications to geographical population genetics, Carnot efficiency, genome-wide sequence analysis in the modeling of the replication of mammals as it applies to DNA in chromatin, and biological rhythms as temporal dissipative structures.
He covers the geometry of crystal lattice and its classical dynamics, the mechanics of a one-dimensional crystal, general analysis of vibrations of monatomic and polyatomic lattices, the frequency spectrum and it connection with the Green Function, acoustics and phonon crystals, the quantum mechanics of crystals including the interactions of excitations, and defects, such as point and linear defects, localized vibrations, and elastic fields of dislocations.
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