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Hindu literature written in Sanskrit

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But it comes from the Ramayana, the first great poetic work of classical Sanskrit literature.
The Clay Sanskrit Library (eventually to number "one-hundred volumes") aims "to introduce Classical Sanskrit Literature to a wide international readership" (Clay Website).
But while it is, of course, interesting that the Buddhist monks who redacted the Mulasarvastivada-vinaya were fully familiar with the aesthetic values and erotic overtones associated with the garden in spring found also in Classical Sanskrit literature, and frequently deployed them in their narratives, it is perhaps even more interesting that they also deployed these same aesthetic values and erotic overtones in their descriptions of their own "monasteries," and that they described their ideal "monastery" as, in effect, a garden in spring.
22) But the first expression-"stealing the heart and eye"--has much broader associations and was almost certainly not invented by monastic redactors: it too has deep roots in Classical Sanskrit literature.
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