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revival of a classical style (in art or literature or architecture or music) but from a new perspective or with a new motivation

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The heart and soul of his endeavor was the preservation and advancement of popular culture; he acceded to the power of the classical revival only under duress, even then satirizing it.
Today the role of that country's painters in the Europe-wide classical revival is widely appreciated but at the time while this magazine devoted considerable space to Italy's artists from previous centuries, it demonstrated little awareness of or interest in what was actually happening in the country.
It shows that he took inspiration not only from Jewish ritual but from that of the Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, that he was part of the classical revival in high Victorian Art, and that the homo-erotic aspect of his work could be remarkably explicit.
In parallel to the PoMo explosion was a not entirely unrelated Classical revival that emerged mainly, but not entirely, in Britain.
In part 1, where the aims and the objectives of the study are outlined, Everson states that in the coexistence of the chivalric epic and the classical revival, both of which saw their development and major flowering in Italy during the same period of time, there seems to be a "paradox," which is "intellectually very challenging and stimulating, but which normally passes unobserved" (3).
The 9,000-square-foot Classical Revival home designed in 1910 by Theodore Eisen is the 10th Design House fund-raising project of the Assistance League of Southern California, and the welcome mat is out through Nov.
The social, economic, and political changes that characterized High Qing China (1683-1790s) were the classical revival in scholarship, the growth of urbanization and handicraft industries that witnessed the increasing visibility of women's work, high migration of males and a population explosion, and government policies that reinforced an intrusive morality into the life of women.
Rejuvenation's diverse collections span the 1860s to 1960s, and include: Period Basics, Industrial, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival, Classical Revival, Victorian, Old World, Deco, and Mid-Century Modern.
Worcester Memorial Auditorium was built off Main Street in 1931 and 1932, a classical revival style structure honoring citizens who served in World War I, according to records accumulated by Preservation Worcester, an organization devoted to the city's historic sites.
Notwithstanding the Classical revival of the early 20th century, one of Lutyens's contemporaries, Reginald Blomfield, dared to criticise the 'fetish-worship' and the 'Palladian superstition of the eighteenth century' in an essay published in 1905.
Quebec City's Upper and Lower Towns feature over 10 architectural styles, ranging from Classical Revival (1790-1820) to International Style (1930-1965).
The historic property, which was called the Schermerhorn Building when it opened in 1891, is a revered example of architect George Post's work in classical revival style.
Containing eight color plates (of watercolors of sites viewed while on the Grand Tour) and many b & w images, the essays describe Gothic Revival and Classical Revival projects, particularly those built in Ireland, in the 18th century.
Margaret King's monumental study of the intellectual formation of the Venetian ruling class (Venetian Humanism in an Age of Patrician Dominance, 1986) maps the classical revival and its impact in Venice through an examination of the correspondence and other writings of the members of the patriciate.
The five homes will feature varied revival styles popularized in the early 20th century, including French Norman, Spanish colonial revival, classical revival, pueblo and Mediterranean-style architecture.
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