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study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome

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A more extensive study of classical literature might be necessary to reinforce the teaching of traditional values and guide children to think about the moral consequences of their behaviors.
Utopia, dystopia, and classical literature is, in fact, the theme that concerns most of the authors who have contributed to this volume.
In addition, Wang Xiaoping not only carried out the above-mentioned unique comparative study of Sino-Japanese literature, but also introduced Waka's (literally "Japanese poem") charm and the essence of Japanese Classical Literature to Chinese people through his considerable works.
8) Obviously the book does not intend to be a survey of classical critical theories but to highlight the ways literature was used by antiquity--more practical than aesthetical in its approach, and at the same time, the book also impresses that classical literature and classical interpretation, despite changes in intellectual and cultural contexts, matters for the contemporary readers.
JOHNNY (Al Pacino) is an ex-con who discovered the joys of cooking and classical literature while serving an 18-month stint inside.
While we can confidently talk about a 'post 9/11 society' and know that everyone understands the shorthand, we may be blind to the allusions used by almost every author encountered during A Level study and beyond--references to the Bible and classical literature, to historical events and ideas.
The subtitle, 'The Receptions of Classical Literature and Thought in Africa, Europe, the United States, and Cuba', reflects a structural asymmetry: while the volume's first two sections consist of six chapters, the latter one contains only two, and the words 'Africa' and 'Europe', which refer to continents, are unevenly aligned with the national designations 'the United States' and 'Cuba'.
Focusing on the human spirit through a perspective of ancient and classical literature and mythology, ranging from Zeus to Adam and Ever, the scope proves effective, and leads to moving verse.
She caters to the fictional heroines of classical literature such as Madame Bovary, Scarlet O'Hara and Franny Glass.
The 43-year-old's aim was to give classical literature a superhero comic makeover to make the stories more appealing to the young.
If you had asked this question a year ago, my answer would have been something from classical literature such as Shakespeare or Chaucer or Homer or even Tacitus.
Classical literature was named by fewer than 5% of readers.
Here Shahar supports the contention of Louis Feldman, who saw that Josephus continually had in mind readers educated in classical literature as he retold the story of his people.
Of the 1524 students surveyed, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) techniques indicate that the traditional image of the heroic ideal as portrayed in classical literature has changed dramatically; however, little, if any real change in attitudes has occurred within the last fifteen years.
Excerpts from classical literature also can be easily incorporated with the added benefit of developing a love for the arts.
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