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Alsatian artist and poet who was cofounder of dadaism in Zurich

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Existing networks include all LANs such as (Fast) Ethernet, (Fast) Ethernet Switch, Token Ring, FDDI, and ATM with Classical IP and LAN Emulation, and all IP Wide Area Networks (WANs).
ATM-attached workstations join VLANs by way of LAN emulation or form their own classical IP subnetworks.
Given the flexibility of ATM as a multiplexing and transporting technology, the working group focused its attention on "the Classical IP over ATM" model, which can be classified into local and end-to-end models.
In addition, ITeX supports wide area network (WAN) protocols including Classical IP over ATM, Bridged Ethernet over ATM, PPP over ATM, and PPP over Ethernet, and Windows drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/Me and NT4.
In order to achieve this, a new addressing model, "gateway model" [20, 21], is proposed, instead of the classical IP model, WATM subnet model, and peer model [6], described in the next section.
Protocol options include Broadband SS7 over ATM AAL2 or AAL5; Classical IP over ATM; 3G Iur, Iub, IuCS and IuPS interfaces; Frame Relay; IP over Frame Relay and LAPD over Frame Relay.
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