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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and Athens and Ionia

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Michael Squire is a Lecturer in Classical Greek Art at King's College London and the author of The Art of the Body: Antiquity and its Legacy (I.
A number of years ago, having been a student in many foreign language classrooms, I opted to audit a course on Classical Greek.
It stands on a 2in wooden dais inlaid with classical Greek flower sprays, encased in a 24in glass dome, sadly damaged at the base.
The Sphaerica is a classical Greek mathematical work on the geometry of the sphere (with implied astronomical application) attributed to Theodosius of Bithnyia (ca.
The name of the Cambridge start-up means "good mood" in classical Greek, a company spokeswoman said, and its focus is on developing next-generation antidepressants.
Named, though only in the title, for the classical Greek witch, this particular temptress doesn't goad men to do unspeakable things, rather, Clothilde exercises a sort of magnetic pull that brings men of good names and good morals to the brink of ruin.
Orestes in Progress: For the Post-Holocaust Generation" is an update of a classical Greek tragedy using the story of a modern story of a Jew leaving home, and includes many elements Jews face in today's world after the atrocities of World War II.
If it did not, it would not be a living language, it would be something like classical Greek or Latin.
In classical Greek plays there are many descriptions of lively drinking dens, but no remains have ever been discovered.
Galston received her doctorate from the University of Chicago, where she specialized in medieval Arabic philosophy and engaged in a career of teaching and writing about classical Greek, medieval Arabic, and medieval Jewish political philosophy.
It is the best collection of classical Greek objects to ever go on show in the borough, many dating from over 2500 year ago.
It has a very classical Greek influence and is made of marble," he said.
O'Connell is reading classical Greek and Latin at Cambridge, and stunned the world of fencing in April when he won his place in Beijing by finishing second at a pre-Olympic qualifying event in Istanbul.
The Oresteia, the only classical Greek tragedy to survive extant, consists of three plays.
Anyway, the Cuban fallout finally leads to a family crisis with classical Greek resonance (more than in ``Alexander,'' anyway).
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