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common stock classified as A or B where A has certain advantages (e

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By offering additional classes of mutual fund shares and closing funds with non-industry standard structure, the restructuring will: 1) be more consistent with that of the industry, 2) provide its clients with more choices and greater value, and 3) accommodate additional changes for strategic distribution flexibility.
By offering additional classes of mutual fund shares and closing non-industry standard classes, the restructuring will enhance the Company's competitiveness and strategic distribution alternatives.
Upcoming podcasts will outline the steps investors can take to protect themselves from so-called "Free Lunch" investment seminars, help investors better understand how to use FINRA's Dispute Resolution program and demonstrate how the costs associated with different classes of mutual fund shares can impact the value of those investments.
9 million of higher distribution expenses recognized on greater assets under management sourced from financial intermediaries that distribute the Advisor and R classes of mutual fund shares.
an open-ended mutual fund corporation, offers multiple classes of mutual fund shares, including DMP Resource Class.