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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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The 107th Congress will consider legislation regarding estate taxes, retirement benefits, class-action lawsuits and other issues affecting the industry.
In a class-action lawsuit, a court ultimately determines the issue of fairness.
In what appears to be a massive misunderstanding rather than a scam, the word on the street - and on fax machines, fliers and the Internet - is that settlement of a class-action lawsuit against Gerber allows parents to receive anything from a $500 savings bond to $1,400 cash if they purchased baby food or formula during the past 17 years from the Fremont-based company.
The intervention - the first by Calpers in three years - comes just seven weeks after lawyers for another public pension fund, the Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado, took over a shareholder class-action lawsuit against California Micro Devices.
Penney and its partner, Dutch insurance giant AEGON, have been named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of a Corpus Christi woman who unknowingly was billed for insurance premiums on her credit card for six years.
Yesterday shareholders filed a federal class-action lawsuit charging Broadcom Corp.
America Online (NYSE:AOL), the world's largest Internet service provider, is now facing a proposed class-action lawsuit in Illinois by users who claim AOL 5.
America Online (NYSE:AOL), the world's largest Internet service provider, is again the target of a class-action lawsuit for its latest version AOL 5.
Today, AOL was hit with a new class-action lawsuit in Colorado, citing a recently enacted federal law designed to safeguard online communications.
The proposed national class-action lawsuit, filed late Friday in U.
According to a proposed class-action lawsuit filed today, America Online (NYSE:AOL), the world's largest Internet service provider (ISP) knowingly released a version of their software that, without warning, made major changes to users' computer operating systems rendering them unstable, and in some cases, inoperable.
In addition, punitive damages cannot be sought or awarded in these cases because of an earlier settlement with members of the Broin class-action lawsuit,&uot; said John J.