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conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)

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The class struggle is on; the 2014 would bring good times.
However, primary concern of the majority of the essays is in explaining the class struggle, "the logic of cooperativism," and how it "breaks with the 'logic of neoliberal capitalism.
Using Ake's (1978:9) analyses, however, it can be argued that the struggles which occasioned the crisis in Zimbabwe is all about the global class struggles between what he referred to as "proletarian" and "bourgeoisie" countries.
Add in British class struggles and the warm voice of Maggie Mash, who perfectly captures the conflicts and interpersonal relationships, and you have a winning listen steeped in British social traditions.
114] While teen girls, both white and black, may have used music and dance to express sexuality and experiment with romance, the same melodies, lyrics and dance-floor routines could hold multiple meanings for African American girls in the context of race and class struggles.
Samuel's back-story is fictional but believable, giving voice to the details of the ocean crossing, the class struggles in the colony and the first hard years of the Virginia Company colony.
She touches on almost every aspect of the African Diaspora: colonization, class struggles, immigration, internalized racism, ancestral traditions and religion, to name a few.
For over 10 years, Alavio has been participating in working class struggles with audiovisual materials.
Science fiction, old-fashioned class struggles, good versus evil in the new-media business, contemporary art--no subject is outside his range.
The wild frontier of America's bloody past has been paved over, but the back-stabbing, government corruption and class struggles contained in the country's dark heart remain.
98) and not with anti-colonialism or class struggles.
For example, Cone and the other black liberation theologians did not really begin to talk about class issues until they started meeting with Latin American liberation theologians, whose main emphasis is on class struggles.
He argues that British North America was characterized by non-capitalist social-property relations in both the South (plantation slavery) and the North (independent household-production), but that class struggles during and after the American Revolution effectively subordinated northern family-farming to "market-coercion," leading to agrarian petty-commodity production that provided a growing home-market for industrial capital.
history, emphasizing its brutal ethnic and class struggles and the plundering of a natural paradise.