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Paul Carberry, who has been sidelined through injury for much of the jumps season, recorded a first-and-second-race double via Class Society and Finians Ivy, as Ireland's evening racing circuit got under way at Sligo last night.
MIRROR readers dealt a blow to Tony Blair's vision of a middle class society yesterday when 83 per cent insisted they were proud to be working class.
The "compact" breast of upper class society were intended for male pleasure - while the full lactating breasts of the lower classes who nursed their own children and those of their wealthy employers were not.
NR's: Amravati, Class Society, Grey Lightning, Jimmy Swift, Lady Of Guadalope, Pipes Of Peace.
The growing role of etiquette works in conduct instruction in the revolutionary era is consistent with the growth of a class society, for these works spelled out directly the little rules for behavior and were accessible to anyone with the means and inclination to follow their prescriptions.
What, then, recommends, this new account of Britain's emergence as a class society over the received version of the story?
But despite the social polarization, which might seem more characteristic of a modern class society than a traditional peasant society, Belm largely retained its peasant character notwithstanding the influence of cottage industry and the numerical preponderance of the propertyless.
Curragh trainer Mick Halford recorded a double at the opening evening meeting of the year on Monday night when Ballymote added to the earlier maiden hurdle victory of Class Society by making all in the six-furlong handicap, writes Alan Magee.
The class society stated that, this module complements the ABS portfolio of services that help owners and operators meet the environmental and operational demands faced by the maritime industry.
We now have the capability to construct both steel and aluminium catamarans and single-hull vessels under class society certification," he said.
The first half was quite slow and the Orbit players portrayed the stiff upper class society so well I nearly fell asleep - there was too much talking and not enough singing for me.
We wanted to have that feeling of very recognisable English middle- class society at the end of austerity - and so not too glamorous.
The upper class society admitted only boys from the most expensive private schools, par ticularly Eton.
The result is a brilliantly comic complement to Wilde's satire on 19th century upper class society.
Class society ABS has issued Approval In Principle (AIP) to a new LNG tank containment system and carrier design developed by Houston-based Ocean LNG Inc.