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ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head

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We invite our SkyMiles members to experience the many amenities of Delta's First and Business/Business Elite Class -- more personal space, enhanced service, inspired dining -- all while earning double Class of Service bonus miles," said Kevin Pinto, system manager SkyMiles.
Recreational peer-to-peer traffic has been successfully relegated to a bronze class of service where bandwidth is appropriately constrained to protect other classes of service.
Standard Class of Service for IP/MPLS any-to-any transmission is used for illustration purposes, but commentary is also provided on Class of Service premium charges.
New Edge also is extending its service level guarantees for class of service on T1 MPLS lines to DSL.
By combining class of service options with AT&T's industry leading OC48/OC192 IP backbone, the company can deliver business-grade performance by enabling customers to classify and prioritize their traffic.
IP differentiated Class of Service mechanisms ensure priority treatment of voice calls and when voice channels are not in use, voice bandwidth automatically becomes available to data applications, increasing throughput and performance.