object-oriented programming

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creating a program that can use and support objects

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The Class Library API (Application Program Interface) is written in and for a .
The breakdown of costs for the world class library, set to be completed in 2012, is pounds 99 million from council borrowing, pounds 55 million from land sales and pounds 39 million from other sources such as grants and sponsorship.
Sanguinetti, more than 1,000 users have downloaded Cynlib, a class library and simulator that enables hardware modeling in C++, since it was first posted on the company's website last year.
h++, the company's widely used foundation class library, encapsulates the new ANSI/ISO Standard C++ Library.
The second component is the ScriptX Language and Class Library (ScriptX), a complete object-oriented programming solution that developers will use to create ScriptX applications for the KMP.
DataMontage is a Java class library that offers unparalleled flexibility to display information-dense collections of timelines, time-series graphs and time-stamped notes.
Rogue Wave has successfully built a dominant position in object-oriented programming technology since it introduced the world's first commercial C++ class library in 1989," said Tom Peterson, El Dorado Ventures general partner.
The revolutionary new Visual Architect, combined with a new version of the industry standard THINK Class Library, dramatically increases programmer productivity.
Ratified in December 2005, IEEE 1666 provides the definitive description and precise semantics of the SystemC class library which enables designers to accurately implement models and tools compatible to the language.
NET class library for developing test and measurement applications in Microsoft Visual Studio(R).
Demonstrated in IBM's booth at JavaOne on May 16 to May 18, the RedHatLinux/x86-targeted JRE is comprised of IBM's J2ME-compatible WEME product enhanced by Apogee for compliance with RTSJ and Apogee's RTSJ class library providing the RTSJ-specific Java APIs.