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Everyone is promoting class interests of one kind or another.
The Church's political actions were no longer understandable as the immediate expression of class interests nor were they the exclusive result of its own institutional concerns.
However, the alliance is challenged by the lawyers and judges representing middle class interests.
This helps them focus on personal or class interests and the immediate task of writing and/or drawing.
The simplistic assumption is that ethnic identity or belonging to a linguistic group is the only possible explanation of voting behavior rather than other social or class interests.
Temporary urbanism is positioned as a spatial means to reveal and to counter the class interests of capitalism and its contradictions to meet public needs.
Corporate America, "directed" by individuals hostile to middle class interests, holds power over Congress through campaign contributions, armies of lobbyists, control of political and economic think tanks, and the media.
In this altered, electronic environment, strategically timed national opinion polls and symbolic media messages crafted by political consultants have become almost as important in shaping Jamaican voters' views of their world as the more tangible realities of economic conditions and class interests.
Were conservative white workers who defended the racial consensus betraying their class interests, as Hoffman implies?
The oppression of the working class is an intricately long catalogue that cannot be summed up so easily, particularly when one considers the role of the media in setting the agenda for discussion, their inherent class interests as part of and subsidiary of big business, and the difficulty faced when one presents a view dissenting from this agenda.
While Nayar does not consider class in her analysis, Basran and Bolaria adopt a Marxian framework to highlight the role of the state in upholding class interests and in structuring economic and social inequality.
In earlier days, Frank suggests, the backlashers' social status would have made them Democrats, but the Democratic Party has abandoned the appeals to class interests "that once distinguished them sharply from Republicans," and in this way they have "left themselves vulnerable to cultural wedge issues like guns or abortion and the rest whose hallucinatory appeal would ordinarily be far overshadowed by material concerns" (He does not claim that a majority of working-class voters embrace the backlash, just that a majority of the backlash is working-class.
Hogue's multifaceted analyses not only uncover exclusions, but render visible the function of ideology and class interests to exclude working class and subaltern forms of life for other more recognizable, mainstream interests and canons, as well as to thwart other valuable but different concepts of social reality.
The class interests calling the shots will call them as brutally, if not more so, for a Democrat who has to prove himself, as for one of the good-old-boys they can count on and for whom they can cut a little protective slack.