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The decisions ACTU leaders made to centralise union power, first by merging blue and white collar peak organisations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, then by taking responsibility for negotiating and policing the Prices and Incomes Accord with the Hawke Labor government, and finally by pursuing a policy of industry-based union amalgamations to concentrate union resources (Bray and Nielsen 1996; Griffin 1994; Matthews 1991; Singleton 1990) can all be viewed as the articulation of a particular class interest about how best to increase class power.
This view, while it is accurate as far as it goes, sets his analytical framework at an angle to that of Marxists who treat the transition from central planning to privatization and the market as a result of the class interests of the Soviet elite for whom the Gorbachev reforms created the conditions in which a pro-capitalist coalition could seize the means of production.
Western politicians' fears represented wise caution in dealing with a revisionist power, not merely purblind class interest as Carley would have us believe.
It is about four kinds of interests: 1) competitors of successful firms who want to hamstring their rivals, appropriate part of their businesses, or turn the clock back so they can re-run the race; 2) companies blown by the winds of technological change and looking for ways to nullify their disadvantage; 3) the personal ambitions of antitrust enforcers, who do not prosper in quiet times; and 4) the class interests of the legal profession, which are served by a combination of activist bias and mushy theories.
Whether the chief cause of the inability of that first bourgeoisie to "base their control on a universalization of their own class interests in terms of an order based on private property and untrammelled capitalist development," was due to their own deficiencies, or to the national or international environment, matters not.
In all probability, Luna was referring to society and social classes and class interest.
Field holds that intellectuals generate ideas from pressing social concerns, largely deriving from class interest.
5 billion trust certificates due October 2037 CLASS INTEREST RATE AMOUNT RATING L-1 Floating JPY10 bil.
What Reddy finds in these sources are not issues of class interest, but preoccupations with esteem among the very beneficiaries of the new contractual society.
62) One result, Schwiedland contended, was that the class interest of day-laborers has brought about a "vigorous social democratic organization.
He fraternized on terms of some familiarity with his social inferiors and he displayed little sense of an identity of class interest against other groups - his was a world view powerfully influenced by egalitarian puritanism.
Viet's balanced interpretive approach well demonstrates the merits of moving beyond two long influential explanations for nineteenth-century state policies: the Marxist interpretations which reduced official acts to reflections of bourgeois class interest, and the emphasis by Michel Foucault and disciples on the increasing use of experts for purposes of social control.
Ka Paeng posed a threat to the ruling class interests which Duterte seeks to uphold.
I did lend my vote to UKIP at the last election, but now we are out of EU, Labour is only party that will look after working class interests and economy.
In the 1920s, government and industry, as well as US nationalist organizations, reacted against the immigrant labor militancy and radicalism, such as union organization, strikes, labor marches, bread riots, and clashes with strike-breakers, private security forces, and police, as well as ideological formations like the Socialist Party, the Industrial Workers of the World, and the communist parties that formed the basis of workers' class interests.