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What differentiates revolutionary from reactionary ideology is the following: the ideology that disguises the class interest it virtually represents is a reactionary one.
In addition to the very rich discussion of the meaning of class interest and capitalism, Haskell raises questions about how one defines ideology.
High value categories, such as bottled water, which appeal to the aspirational middle class interest in healthier, hygienic and accountable goods, look set to be the main driver of this phenomenal forecast.
The objectives of this seminar are to present an overview of the practical aspects of compounding, to provide theory where it is helpful to predict behavior, to provide opportunities for one-on-one dialog for detail beyond general class interest, to utilize class expertise as a resource, and to provide references and contacts for participants to use as future questions arise.
Nowhere, in the history of our jurisprudence, has [the] power of the courts been more strongly exerted than in the matter of Negro rights, and nowhere has it been more swayed by prejudice and class interest.
Boosters acted in their class interest and not on behalf of the community's welfare as a whole.
This fear, motivated by shortsightedness and narrow readings of class interest, gave birth to the defeatism that led to the Munich agreement.
The Antitrust Division, the FTC, and the private bar are full of honest lawyers who would be outraged at the suggestion that they are acting for personal or class interest, or that they are stretching the law in the interests of ideology.
goal is to locate, say, at the intersection of a heterodox nobility and the genre of romantic comedy, successful and failed attempts at appropriation, moments when a representation of hospitality becomes useful, strategically and tactically, for a narrowly defined class interest which either succeeds or fails at turning [appropriating] that representation for its own ends" (25-26; emphasis Palmer's).
ultimately monetized the entire settlement and gained the class interest of $14,435,104 when interest rates were the lowest they have been in over forty years.
This embodies an effective oligarchy, but the oligarchy did not represent a class interest per se, but rather reproduced the notion of the body politic.
Class Interest Rate Initial Note Initial Rating Principal Balance (S&P/Moody's) A-1 One month LIBOR plus 28 Bps $585,573,000 AAA/Aaa M-1 One month LIBOR plus 45 Bps $53,365,000 AAA/NR M-2 One month LIBOR plus 54 Bps $27,764,000 AA+/NR M-3 One month LIBOR plus 57 Bps $19,471,000 AA/NR M-4 One month LIBOR plus 65 Bps $3,606,000 AA-/NR B-1 One month LIBOR plus 1.
Such a step would have been inconsistent with class interest.
The funds are available to cover their respective class interest obligations if collections are insufficient after senior priority payments are made.
Initial Note Initial Rating Class Interest Rate Principal Balance (S&P/Moody's) 1-A-1 One month LIBOR plus 26 Bps $ 452,780,000 AAA/Aaa 1-A-2 One month LIBOR plus 33 Bps $ 50,314,000 AAA/Aaa 2-A Fixed Rate of 4.