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(used of society) socially hierarchical

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There is considerable affinity between the conceptions of class consciousness outlined by Glaberman and Georg Lukacs.
In the last pages of his memoir, Out of Place, he refers to his encounters at Harvard with Lukacs's History and Class Consciousness and Giambattista Vico's New Science (alongside his immersion in the work of Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Sartre) as having been for him "momentous events" (Said 1999, 290).
Nevertheless, Arnold's original claims that criticism and the culture associated with poetry are resistant to politics, ideology, and class consciousness will remain problematic for twenty-first century literary and cultural authorities from various schools of thought.
Thompson's view that domestic servants were too mired in the lives of their masters to think independently and develop class consciousness.
The Tea Party's rhetoric of defending the little guy against the powerful has always seemed discordant to the left, which regards such class consciousness as its own domain.
Unlike a demonstration or a strike, when working people see their combined strength, these wasteful acts of individual action do nothing to raise the class consciousness of people and, ultimately, allow the police to clamp down even harder.
The author challenges the idea that republicanism, whiteness, and class consciousness primarily motivated the city's journeymen to act in labor unions and party politics.
Class consciousness has no place in Wales as Welsh society is traditionally egalitarian.
The individualizing and totalizing effects of discipline have rendered humans incapable of developing class consciousness.
Discussions of the case now involve the role of media manipulation, class consciousness, xenophobia, the clash of nations, and the competence of foreign policemen.
While the play demonstrates the simultaneity of oppression, the discourses utilized to name and counter those oppressions do not always converge; more specifically, the discourses of feminist consciousness and class consciousness both merge and diverge, coming together and conflicting in the text in both thematic and structural ways.
Kazin, himself a man of the left, would presumably agree that one does not follow Bryan's example by tearing his economic policies out of their broader cultural context or fomenting class consciousness or hatred of corporations as a matter of pocketbook self-interest rather than communal values.
Thompson in The Making of the English Working Class, when he discusses class and class consciousness as active creations of social individuals.
Since it affects a lot of woman, class consciousness impacts lifestyles and choices of the stores they shop in, the times they shop, and brands they buy or sidestep.