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This paper employs several measures of class background, the main independent variable.
So despite all the expansion that has taken place in higher education through the second half of the twentieth century, which came despite the fact that clearly many more young people from working-class backgrounds go to university now, the chances of someone from a working class background going to university remains much, much less than someone from a middle-class background going to university.
Dr Strand said there had to be a change on the emphasis on gender inequalities in the classroom as the lowest achievers were not just boys, but males with a working class background.
It is observed that Clinton was not from the Ozark Mountains, the supposed home of hillbillies, but his class background remains unmentioned.
Ryan, an urban planning graduate student from a working-class background, expressed this sentiment in a letter supporting my tenure application: "Urban planning students are likely to come from a middle or upper middle class background and when they enter the professional field they are likely to experience pressures to work to the benefit of this same community.
JGC: In my "Class Matters" course, one of the first things I do is ask students to fill out a questionnaire where they identify their own class background.
In a hallwaylike back space one could watch Interieurs, 1995-96, a collaboration with Pieter Kramer, in which couples and individuals talk about their homes, evincing wide differences in class background and taste.
Johnson, who is herself from a working class background, notes that her interview subjects are misunderstood by middle class social scientists who assume that the desirable norm is for all people to find their basic fulfillment in their work.
As she reminds the reader repeatedly, she comes from a working class background and therefore sympathizes with the tastes and political preferences (often conservative) of this group.
CAREER: Hailing from a working class background in Bedlington, Northumberland, she moved to London and into the world of glamour modelling while also working as a television extra.
There was much sneering about his working class background.
Havel's own class background had been solid high bourgeois.
Co-authors Prof David James and Janet Yates, a research fellow, described the link with a lower social class background as a "sensitive finding" that they could not explain.
It was because of own class background that Foote (1847-1938) was able to play a role in both validating and questioning social hierarchies in the eastern and western US, argues Smith (humanities and communication, Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs), but also because of the changing nature of publishing in particular, capitalism in general, transportation, and class formation in the late 19th-century.
During the course of the project, pupils were offered mentoring support by male students at Newman who were themselves largely drawn from a white working class background.