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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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Credit unions incurred at least $30 million in card reissuance costs related to the Target breach and I'm encouraged this case was awarded class action status," CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle said after the decision was announced.
Prager of the Superior Court of California granted class action status in a labor and employment case for nearly 21,000 retail employees and workers at Apple's California corporate headquarters.
However, with representation from both Gmail and non-Gmail users the push for class action status may be unlikely to gain traction.
when it was run by corrupt executives have won class action status for their lawsuit over the company's retirement savings plan.
The plaintiffs are reportedly seeking reimbursement and damages and class action status for their suit.
District Court in Atlanta and the Delaware Court of Chancery, with the Atlanta suit seeking class action status.
5 billion and class action status for up to 25,000 black farmers whom the organization claims were denied fair loans and farm programs between 1997 and 2004.
Davis says both suits are without merit and adds that a judge denied the NAACP suit class action status in October.
The suit, filed in the Manhattan federal court on Wednesday, seeks class action status on behalf of other victims of apartheid human rights violations.
A Pennsylvania court has granted national class action status in a lawsuit challenging the use of certain replacement parts that Erie Insurance specified for the repair of its policyholders' vehicles.
A judge refused to grant class action status to a lawsuit that independent video retailers filed against Blockbuster Inc.
Recently, several suits seeking class action status have been filed by consumers and doctors against HMOs.
Additionally, in this matter, the judge opened the door for the tenants to seek damages and legal fees by granting them class action status and permitted the tenants association to be an aggrieved party for the action.