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Now, designers can take advantage of the tremendous power efficiency improvements and cost savings associated with Class D amplifiers, while achieving the expected audio quality that consumers demand.
The TDA892x family of Class D amplifiers will enable the DVD receivers to offer a true home cinema experience, which is key to what Philips has been developing for the Home of Tomorrow.
Measurement results are made possible by JamTech's innovative sub-ranging PWM digital amplifier architecture that inherently avoids the fundamental distortion mechanism of traditional Class D amplifiers.
This is compared to a typical range of 72-78dB (12-13 bits) for traditional analog PWM Class D amplifiers and 84-90dB (14-15 bits) for delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers.
JAM Singapore will be fully staffed for IC design, manufacturing operations, applications engineering and sales, to support increasing demand for the new JAM True Fidelity digital Class D Amplifiers.
The design incorporates a patented Synchronous Bi-modulation(TM) technique, which drives the output stage without creating the errors from which conventional Class D amplifiers suffer.
The new headquarters in Singapore places JAM in the heart of its Asian customers and partners, to support increasing demand for the new JAM True Fidelity digital Class D Amplifiers.
Applications for Class D amplifiers range from battery-powered portable products to high-end professional amplifiers, musical instruments and car and home multimedia systems.
Class D amplifiers use switching techniques in conjunction with a simple external filter.