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Synonyms for Apollo

(Greek mythology) Greek god of light

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Septimus Albionum Henricus qui sceptra gubernat, quo nihil in toto clarius orbe viget.
or] paradysi flumina distributus per quatuor mundi climata derivatus universam terram irrigat et infundit, ex quo quam multifarios, spirituales ac temporales profectus christiana professio experitur, luce clarius patet cunctis.
He then turns to himself; he borrows brightness from Empedocles and darkness from Anaxagoras and turns Heraclitus reside out: he has a bright song about completely dark principles (atoms): clarius audi.
The latest Clarius Skills Index, which measures the supply and demand for skilled labor across 20 job categories, recently found that engineering firms are amongst those expected to be hardest hit by a looming skills shortage in the Australian workforce over the next decade.
Called Surepure, the technology is being tested by a many South African wine estates including Steenberg, Alluvia Stellar Organics, Clarius, Bouchard Finlayson and L'Ormarins, as well as winemakers in California, Chile, New Zealand and Australia.