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Among the instruments, he said, would have been the flute, the fiddle, and the clarionet, an early cousin of the clarinet.
The clarinet, or clarionet as it was once called, was invented and developed during the 18th century.
The very first entry in the diaries, on 1 March 1821, indicates that, from the age of eighteen at least, Richard Heritage was a musician, a player of the clarionet: 'I to bicester had a clarionet rede'.
The following year, 1822, Heritage bought two reeds at Bicester Fair on 12 April; and on 29 November he notes a trip to Edgcott (two miles distant) in order to 'carry john Heed clarionet home'.
Once again, three of the musicians hired by the Ambrosden Band in early June were apparently playing together, with the addition of Thomas Parker, and it seems likely that whichever instruments were played by the other men, these would have combined with Heritage's clarionet to form an ensemble capable of providing appropriate and socially acceptable music for both listening and dancing.
The problem continued on 1 June, when he was 'very nigh not very well', while two days later he was 'at Church twice Did not Play', which suggests an improvement in health, although not sufficient to permit his playing on the clarionet.