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He caught up his clarionet and made plaintive music, playing a Venetian boat-song with something of his lost skill, the skill of the young patrician lover.
Clarionet 14 B 13 Keys With Imported Reed And Mouthpiece-02 Nos, 5.
Walton, has a clarionet [sic] player ever done you an injury?
Among the instruments, he said, would have been the flute, the fiddle, and the clarionet, an early cousin of the clarinet.
The clarinet, or clarionet as it was once called, was invented and developed during the 18th century.
The very first entry in the diaries, on 1 March 1821, indicates that, from the age of eighteen at least, Richard Heritage was a musician, a player of the clarionet: 'I to bicester had a clarionet rede'.
prompts the Count's solemn declaration that "The clarionet .
The prospectus offered a comprehensive program of instruction in piano, organ, mandolin, guitar, clarionet, cornet, violin, violoncello, voice culture, harmony, orchestration, and music history.