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United States writer best known for his autobiographical works (1874-1935)

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In 1962, she received the Clarence Day Award for this book which is "a distinctive production which has promoted a love of books and reading," the first time this award was given to a children's librarian or to a Canadian (quoted from the ALA press release on the Clarence Day Award to Smith in 1962).
After his death, his popularity rose with the publication of TheColby Essays (1926), edited by Clarence Day, Jr.
The play, depicting life in a Victorian household, was based on sketches written by Clarence Day, Jr.
Their collaboration produced <IR> LIFE WITH FATHER </IR> (1939), based on the books by Clarence Day, which ran for eight years; <IR> STATE OF THE UNION </IR> (1945), a satire on American politics which won the Pulitzer Prize; Life with Mother (1948), based on other stories by Clarence Day; Call Me Madam (1950); The Great Sebastians (1956); and Tall Story (1959).
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