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photographic equipment used to synchronize sound and motion picture

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Defying her condition Donna has got a clapper board by Spielberg and George Lucas, a Star Wars signed photograph from the cast of all six films.
Just borrow a camera from the high school store cupboard, get together some like-minded friends willing to act as stars, producers, sound men and clapper board clappers.
CLAPPER BOARD Presents Christine Tremarco is at Picturehouse @ FACT on Monday.
A handling charge may apply STARS of the stage and screen joined Merseyside teenagers for the Clapper Board Youth Project oscars for young film makers.
Forty Year Five pupils at Viewley Hill Primary School, in Andover Way, Hemlington, were introduced to the clapper board, cameras and the boom microphone, when a team from SPLATS Entertainment visited.
Swansea beauty Catherine, 33, customised her block with a Welsh dragon, clapper board, a heart and a daffodil.
Sadly I was meant to do the little clapper board but we had to leave early after that incident.
Whenever I see the clapper board I try to see the directors name but can't make it out, but I do know he wasn't a very well known director.
STRIKE A POSE: Lennon gives the camera his finest stare; LADIES MAN: Lennon surrounded by women on set; UNDERCOVER MISSION: Lennon fools around in his dressing room; WHEN RINGO'S AWAY: John tries his hand on the drums; PLAY IT AGAIN, PAUL: McCartney considers tickling the ivories; BOARD GAMES: George relieves the clapper board lad of his duties