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The narrator of the new Clangers series is actor and TV host Michael Palin.
I'm old enough to have watched the original Clangers back in the 1970s.
Decades later, Mother, Major, Tiny, Small and Granny Clanger return to their little blue planet to delight a new generation with their animated antics.
Starlings nested in the roof of the barn where the original Clangers was filmed.
In October, the rights to many of his creations, including Bagpuss, The Clangers and Ivor the Engine, were acquired by media company Coolabi in a pounds 400,000 deal.
The New Covent Garden Food Company was inspired by the childhood TV programme The Clangers to create a Spinach, Pea & Mint soup.
Spectators could hear many of the baskets swish from 20 rows back Wednesday, and the clangers rang out in every corner of the nearly empty 18,000-seat stadium.
dawncollinson @ FOR the past year, animator Jamie Stockley has been working under one simple but very specific rule: respect The Clangers.
Character are hoping to make child's play of growing sales with help from Teletubbies and The Clangers.
It expects to launch toys based on classic TV series The Clangers next June after bagging rights to the make a range earlier this year.
I HEARD the BBC were repeating the classic 1970s stop-motion animated children's TV series The Clangers.
TV QUIZ 1 When did The Clangers first hit our TV screens?
It's just typical that we have to have the one Clangers fan in the world as our "Head Of Reviving Children's Favourites Shows".
THE news that The Clangers are set to return to our TV screens in a PS5m remake conjures up memories of a golden age of kids' television for a whole generation brought up in the 1970s and 80s.
The ice-cream producers are selling pin badges of the popular mouse-like creatures The Clangers to support the Yorkshire charity.