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Obviously the quicker the clamydia, was caught, the lower the chance of suffering any serious long-term damage.
The supply of newborns was further lessened with the advent of the oral contraceptive pill in 1961 and a plethora of health-related problems: the early high dosage pills brought about premature menopause in older women, ectopic pregnancy was common, an outbreak of clamydia which affected fertility and for which couples were slow to seek medical advice, and lastly, an excessively high number of hysterectomies performed at that time.
Services in the clinics included anonymous testing for HIV/AIDS, STD, Hepatitis, BBP (blood born pathogens), clamydia, contact tracing, referrals to doctors, clinics and returns for testing results.
Clamydia, one of the commoner STDS, can result in a woman becoming infertile, and unfortunately, it is only when she fails to conceive that the disease is diagnosed.