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the shell of a clam

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a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam


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As per the listing, the clamshell phone believed to be the Samsung W2018, will be powered by a Snapdragon 821AB chipset.
The modular approach taken by NEC has enabled them to make the thinnest clamshell phone yet to incorporate a camera.
The RClamp0504P is aimed at the emerging crop of phones that support the mobile display digital interface (MDDI) standard, a high-speed, serial interconnection technology that simplifies the design of clamshell phones by reducing to as little as four the number of wires that run across the handset's hinge to connect the LCD display to the digital baseband controller.
The improvements made to Samsung's section display make it ideal for application as an external screen for clamshell phones or a main screen for certain bar-type and slide-up models.
Improving on its best selling V500/V600 clamshell phones, Motorola introduces RAZR V3, the world's thinnest flip phone (only 13.
The MDDI standard, an optimized high-speed serial interconnection technology developed by QUALCOMM, increases reliability and reduces power consumption in clamshell phones by decreasing the number of wires that run across the handset's hinge to interconnect the digital baseband controller with the LCD display.
We are optimistic that we can build on the success of the second half of 2003 with exciting new products like the P900, T630, T230 and our first two clamshell phones, the Z600 and Z200, as well as innovative products for the Japanese market.
The off-center placement of the round status display and the uniquely shaped 5-way navigation key create a phone that breaks away from the conventional design of most other clamshell phones available today.