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the shell of a clam

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a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam


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Meanwhile, Sendo has unveiled its latest handset, the M550, a very small and light clamshell phone, featuring a customisable colour display, polyphonic ring tones, colour EMS and colour games.
announces the availability of the MOTO VE465, a durable, yet stylish clamshell phone.
When customers open the Alias vertically, the phone is a sleek and stylish clamshell phone.
The ZTE C79 is a clamshell phone equipped with a 1.
Samsung SCH-u340 -- an easy to use voice-centric clamshell phone, perfect for the customer who also wants the options of a camera and text, picture and video messaging.
The Z600 is Sony Ericsson's first clamshell phone and is designed for mobile gaming, with a large, bright, coloured screen.
The TM506, Sony Ericsson's first handset supporting T-Mobile's AWS spectrum (1700/2100), is a compact and stylish clamshell phone that delivers an exceptional Web experience in an eye-catching design.
SANYO Katana(R) II - This update to the Katana clamshell phone is ultra-slim and ultra-sleek
7" diagonal E Ink display scrolls through 96 different images in a stylish animation and is activated when a call or message is received, or when the clamshell phone is opened for use.
6 (U300) is a modern clamshell phone designed for the fashion conscious, ultra modern consumer that craves a unique look, but without sacrificing anything in the form of style, lightness or functionality.
With a blue spun-metal finish, this sleek clamshell phone features a VGA camera and Bluetooth wireless technology1 with the added benefit of tri-band functionality, which includes AWS spectrum band support.
Protective and Powerful Clamshell Phone Delivers Instant Push-to-Talk Communication, Sprint[R] Mobile Broadband, Hands-Free Capabilities, Built-in GPS and Messaging Combined with Resistance to Dust, Shock and Vibration
Open the flip vertically and the SCH-u740 is a stylish, thin clamshell phone with a 1.
The sporty Kyocera Adreno S2400 clamshell phone focuses on "retro cool" with a tactile finish and curved edges.
The elegant three button MobileTouch interface provides MOD controls on the outside the clamshell phone.