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Synonyms for clamp

Synonyms for clamp

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

fasten or fix with a clamp

Related Words

impose or inflict forcefully

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The RAC Foundation estimated last year that the number of clampers has risen by 75% in 19 months and that there are 2,100 clampers nationwide.
They slapped one on Gordon Miller, a clamper who made life a misery for motorists.
The clamper was nominated after a national search by the RAC Foundation to find the clamper who acts in the most vindictive way.
uk where you can report unlicenced clampers in complete confidence.
Mr Morgan revealed his close call with the clampers at the National Eisteddfod in Swansea, where he said: 'The clampers were having a field day.
A district nurse who was then delayed 45 minutes in getting to that patient because she had to come up with pounds 75 to pay the clamper before her vehicle was released.
Even with the new law, landowners and wheel clampers can charge whatever they like and don't have to put up signs warning motorists.
Depending on their existing qualifications, clampers may need training and to pass an examination before they will be granted a licence, which costs pounds 190 and is valid for three years.
Clampers demanding a lady's gold tooth or sexual favours in lieu of payment.
Mr Kilcoyne said: "Cash doesn't change hands with council clampers, usually it's cards.
The new law is designed to curb widespread abuses by rogue clampers, who are able to clamp vehicles with little warning and charge whatever they like in fines.
WinstonSmith On parking fines and car clampers They are just a money making scam that is completely out of control.
I HAD to smile when I read that clampers got a taste of their own medicine in Southend, Essex.
WHEEL clampers stooped to a new low by targeting a charity minibus used by elderly and disabled people.
A GRIEVING family took matters into their own hands when clampers refused to release their dead grandmother's car.