clam chowder

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chowder containing clams

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Giovanni also makes a clam soup, a pasta e fagioli soup with cannellini beans and uses the same beans in an escarole and bean soup ($4.
Recommended items: Vitello tonnato, prosciutto with burrata, pizza with burrata, Nonna Elvira's lasagne, fegato alla Veneziana, Sonoma duck breast, clam soup, lunch entree of sliced beef with arugula, mascarpone dessert.
On two occasions, clam soup and a green salad with tomatoes and a sprinkling of cheese (plus choice of dressing) were also included with an entree order.
Baked cod with vegetables and polenta, clam soup, basil tagliolini with Dungeness crab and artichokes, baked sea bass with herbs and white wine sauce, zabaglione and Venetian biscotti.
So, it's a real pleasure to walk into narrow, casual Fabrocini's in Tarzana, hunker down and enjoy a really terrific bowl of clam soup ($4.