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one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement

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It is not always easy to determine what a claim might cost without quality communication between the claims adjuster and Republic Services personnel, he says.
We got to the point this time, that we were having to send security along with claims adjusters because people were so upset that there were legitimate threats of bodily damage to our claims adjusters in certain situations.
If it will be difficult for a claims adjuster to identify your property, a sign with your name, street number, insurance company and a way to reach you can speed up your claim.
Refer all inquiries from attorneys and other claims adjusters to your insurance company.
Warnings and cautions are pointed out to the claims adjuster reader stating that proper methods and procedures must be followed.
com), the nation's leading provider of software and services to property insurers, today announced the launch of its "Know What's Inside" web site as the go to resource for property insurance carriers, claims adjusters and policyholders for contents insights and to learn about best in class solutions that solve common property insurance pitfalls.
This is the first time that a federal appeals court has ruled in favor of insurance claims adjusters seeking overtime wages under the FLSA.
Claims adjusters logging into ContentsExpress can enter claims inventory data, calculate valuations, and adjust and evaluate the claim for settlement, all from a single screen.
The system provides secure, 24-hour online access to consolidated claim files; displays claimants' policy coverage at a glance; automatically assigns claims and creates diary entries; and enables claims adjusters to enter more detailed information.
What throws claims adjusters off is the lag that occurs between the interruption of manufacturing operations and the drop in sales (or the extra cost of preventing a drop in sales).
Helmsman claims adjusters and the district even developed a checklist they use in reviewing each claim that is designed to catch obvious abuse, said Karen Hemingway, LAUSD director of the administrative and insurance services branch.
2Work for Adjusters provides claims adjusters with capabilities to view claims information and to complete assigned work from a diary list.
As for other industry subsectors, reinsurers added 100 jobs in December, and claims adjusters gained 400 jobs.
Available now in the Windows Store, this application gives insurance claims adjusters instant access to the data and documents they need, enables signature capture on electronic forms and even uses the native device camera to capture photos to streamline the claims process.