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2007) Evolution of ITS ribosomal RNA secondary structures in fungal and algal symbionts of selected species of Cladonia sect.
Cladonia coniocraea (Florke) Sprengel Rare on a weathered stump in a shaded oak woodland (#1687).
This gray crustose lichen grows on Cladonia squamules, mosses, soil, and occasionally on other lichens.
Cladonia perforata was discovered growing on the sand dunes of Eglin AFB by George Llano, an airman serving at the base during World War II.
One of his subjects is Cladonia perforata, as close as the lichen world gets to having a celebrity.
On wood fencing: Caloplaca holocarpa, Cladonia cristatella, C.
Gierl & Kalb, 1993), Cladonia (Ahti, 2000), Everniastrum (Sipman, 1986a), Hypotrachyna (Elix, Nash & Sipman, in prep.
Moreover, it is reported that some kinds of polysaccharides with a backbone mainly composed of Glcp residues, such as Cladonia furcata polysaccharide and Maitake mushroom polysaccharide, could induce apoptosis in cancer cells (Fullerton et al.
An investigation of the allergenic constituents of Cladonia stellaris (Opiz) Pous & Vezda ('silver moss', 'reindeer moss' or 'reindeer lichen').
The antimicrobial activity of extracts of the lichen Cladonia foliacea and its (G)-usnic acid, atranorin, and fumarprotocetraric acid constituents.
Parmeliaceae), (+)-usnic acid (3), a dibenzofuran from Cladonia arbuscula (Wallr.
Some extracts of Cladonia convoluta, Cladonia rangiformis, Parmelia caperata, Platismatia glauca and Ramalina cuspidata demonstrated interesting activities particularly on human cancer cell lines as good selectivity indices were recorded (SI > 3).
Suleyman H, Yildirim D, Aslan A, Gocer F, Gepdiremen A, Guvenalp Z (2002) An investigation of an extract from Cladonia rangiformis Hoffm.