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a tree diagram used to illustrate phylogenetic relationships

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The geodispersal area cladogram indicates the relative timing in which barriers were removed facilitating faunal exchange (Rode & Lieberman 2005).
This cladogram is identical to one of the 6 cladograms resulting under equal weighting analysis.
In the PAE cladogram, the largest component formed by seven grid-cells (group 1 in Fig.
27 NATURE, Wood presents a cladogram -- a tree diagram organizing hominid species according to the number of derived features shared by groups of fossils -- based on analysis of 90 cranial, jaw and tooth measurements.
In order to allow Silvianthemum to "float" free among all possible positions in the cladograms, all its cells were changed to "?
Practicing Cladists" believe that cladograms are hypotheses to be tested with further data and rejected if a better hypothesis is found.
2006) was used, where the morphometric characters were treated as additive, and the ranges were optimized directly on the most parsimonious cladograms.
The results of the cladistic analysis yielded only two cladograms both with tree length 124 and consistency index 0 [multiplied by] 589, differing only in the alternate position of D.
We mapped two characters, hydrophobicity and ability to row, on cladograms of Araneae and Lycosoidea.
Nevertheless, superimposing the fossil record onto well-supported cladograms allows the construction of "evolutionary trees.
2006) found that fruit characters in the studied genera, including developmental origin of the wings, shape of the carpel, presence of elongated oil canals (vittae), and other anatomical features, correspond with molecular cladograms giving added confidence to the taxonomic value of fruit characters in this group.
Bootstrap analyses (Felsenstein, 1985) were conducted to examine the relative level of support for individual clades on the cladograms of each search (MPBS), using 500 bootstrap replicates and the same tree search procedure as described above.
It is a pleasant read, with many sidebars, diagrams, sketches, cladograms, graphs, and other visual aids on most pages and in full color.
This field produces cladograms, branching tree diagrams, illustrating hypotheses about which taxa are more closely related to each other.