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a group of biological taxa or species that share features inherited from a common ancestor

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The HA protein of A/wild duck/Hunan/211/2005, a member of H5N1 clade 2.
From here on, principal clades are identified by the genera they include and subclades by the oldest name among their constituent species.
1B, the area cladogram derived for Heterostylum provides evidence for a spatial disjunction between the Nearctic and Neotropical clades (clades A and B) associated with the Mexican Transition Zone (MTZ, see Morrone 2004, 2006).
The phylogenetic placements of two important clades in Apiaceae, Klotzschia and Lichtensteinia have been unstable in prior studies (see Nicolas & Plunkett, 2009.
Sequence-divergence among haplotypes within clades ranged from 0.
quasimodo, but this species falls outside the clade of 5 species which form the focus of the current study).
Inovio recently announced interim immunogenicity and safety data from its Phase I clinical study of PENNVAX[TM]-B, a DNA vaccine for the prevention of HIV Clade B infection.
HA gene phylogeny confirmed that LAO/14 and GD01/14 were closely related and belonged to clade 2.
This taxon is sister to the Heliantheae, one of the largest clades of the family [ca.
The data reveal two strongly supported clades within section Nodorhizae: 1) A western U.
Based on the analysis of 432 chicken mtDNA D-loop sequences, a total of 32 nucleotide substitutions were identified and classified in 20 clades (Table 1).
Earlier systematics work on Philippine scops owls using different mtDNA genes suggested divergence of the lowland/highland clades and noted the relatively high genetic distances among endemic Philippine scops owls (Miranda et al.
Stability of clades obtained from the maximum-likelihood analysis was evaluated using 100 bootstrap replicates and Nearest-Neighbor Interchange branch-swapping.