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a war between factions in the same country

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Erdoy-an said there "might have been tragedies at the time of war," but added that thousands of Turks were also killed by the Armenians during the civil strife.
Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said the committee had missed an opportunity to provide an insight into the civil strife within the Welsh game.
Washington, February 24 ( ANI ): Milla Jovovich has opened up about the civil strife in her homeland Ukraine and insisted that she wants to help the helpless people there.
In any domestic civil strife, one that has gone for decades, the West tend to conveniently forget the misery people of the country faced just focusing on one segment of that long civil strife.
A long international campaign lobbied for his release, which was granted in 1990 amid escalating civil strife.
Namaika has been working for the past four years with women forced to leave their homes in the northeastern Congolese bush because of the ongoing civil strife in the Congo.
Shamefully, Tory Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin refused to acknowledge the marchers, saying: "This is the way civil strife begins, and civil strife may not end until there is civil war.
He said that this may end in a civil strife, so, the government must to something to calm people down.
The Al-Dostour Party strongly condemned the president and the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday following the clashes, accusing them of pushing the country into civil strife and disregarding public anger and frustration.
Afghanistan's industries were left inoperative due to decades of civil strife and war.
Nena Stoiljkovic, IFC's vice president of business advisory services, said it would seek to tap in to the high economic growth in many of these nations after years of underinvestment during civil strife.
Desert locusts pose a further threat to agricultural production in the Sahel, particularly in Niger, Mali and Chad, while civil strife in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo have caused a surge of displaced people, both internally and across borders.
In conversations with people from all strata of Syrian society, Starr draws together and makes sense of perspectives illustrating why Syria, with its numerous sects and religions, was so prone to violence and civil strife.
Semi-official Iraqiya TV reported that Mutlaq warned from withdrawing confidence from Maliki, which case will indulge the country in civil strife, as reported by Iraqi Media Network.
The case studies include wooing tourists back to Kenya after civil strife, fixing the dent in Toyota's image, a security breach endangers Europe's largest television show, BP's need for effective issues management after the Mexican Gulf oil spill, and the triumph of transparency and calm leadership during the 2010 Chilean mining accident.
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