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a local church community

the local subdivision of a diocese committed to one pastor

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Ross Mackiewicz takes a look at this charming Worcestershire village COFTON Hackett is a village and civil parish in the Bromsgrove District of north east Worcestershire with a population of 1,747.
Saddleworth is a civil parish, one of the largest in England.
00 Exeter Patrixbourne is a small settlement within the civil parish of Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne near Canterbury in Kent.
THIS year sees the 70th anniversary of the formation of Kirkburton Urban District Council - which in 1974 then became the civil parish.
There is the village proper and then the civil parish which also includes the hamlets of Mustow Green, Bluntingdon, Brockencote, Cakebole, Outwood, Drayton and Harvington.