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a local church community

the local subdivision of a diocese committed to one pastor

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Among other activities (directed at the broader community), this initiative promotes yearly mock Olympic games, including sports, culture and recreation, for the local children and young people who represent their civil parish.
The village name Kustja kula a village today in Harju district, Kernu civil parish, is listed in the Estonian database of place-names, as is the place-name Kustja tee, found in Haiba village, Harju district, Kernu, civil parish (http://xgis.
Interestingly Bradley Smith was recently confirmed as the Member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament for Solihull for 2013/14 at a celebration event held by the Mayor of Solihull and Niamh Strong, a member of Castle Bromwich Youth Parish Council, was awarded the Castle Bromwich Parish Council Service Award for service to young people living in the Civil Parish of Castle Bromwich.
The south Pennines civil parish of Saddleworth is seeking a town crier.
Bernard civil parish, which lies just east of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.
50 Hexham A civil parish and village in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, about nine miles east of Grantham and a similar distance from Sleaford.
It was not within the civil parish boundary of Norham, it was in the civil parish boundary of Horncliffe.
However, the defence challenged his right to object because he was not resident in the same civil parish as the pub.
Tenders are invited for Restoration of the water-rich waters Prine N-1 of the Republic of Latvia, 535622: 01, PIC / 00-65 / 99 in Liepupe civil parish, Salacgriva district
The modern Frankley estate belongs to the New Frankley civil parish which has only been part of Birmingham since 1995.
Also, although not known to us "Also, although not known to us at the time, the locality had to be 'an administrative area known to law' such as an ecclesiastical or civil parish.
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, or more commonly 'Ashby', is a small town and civil parish lying on the border of north west Leicestershire.