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And the civil obedience won't stop before stabilizing security in the city," said Kabbara.
Under new civil obedience laws passed since the events of the Pearl Roundabout, protest marches are illegal and must be signed off by authorities.
How should this immense fact of civil obedience be accounted for?
He went on to add the acts of the Hazara movement were tantamount to civil obedience.
There was no such thing as an "officially conformist party" (my emphasis) in Ireland (50); conforming to the Church of Ireland was more than "an act of civil obedience to the Crown" (51) for those who elected to do so, it was also--and possibly primarily--a matter of conscience, since they believed that the Church of Ireland was a truly reformed church.
In these momentous times, civil obedience is becoming more respectable and more necessary - which is why the police must not be allowed to stamp it out.
While English Catholics sought to separate civil obedience from religious conformity, James bound them firmly together, just as Elizabeth and Henry had.
McAlister said her brother-in-law, Daniel Berrigan, got it right in a poem he titled: "The Problem Is Civil Obedience.
When they did this, they rarely mentioned Romans 13; and when they did cite it, they did so not to promote civil obedience, but to defend themselves from the charge of treason.
Their absence of curiosity and robotic civil obedience,