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a voluntary union for life (or until divorce) of adult parties of the same sex

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The MLAs reportedly wanted some civil contracts allotted to their kin.
The case appears to mean that the courts can rule on breaches of religious promises, if the promises are a civil contract.
The whole point about marriage is that it is a civil contract, and if you argue, as many do, that you don't need a piece of paper to show how much in love you are, you'd be right, but you do need a "contract" to ensure that, should something happen to either partner, the mutual assets and any children are properly provided for.
Hydro, on behalf of the Ormen Lange license group, awarded Skanska the NOK 1 billion main civil contract for site preparation for the gas-processing plant.
Mark Leno (D) that would redefine marriage in California as "a civil contract between two persons," opening the door for same-sex "marriage.
I welcome the proposals to allow a civil contract between same-sex couples.
Most of what I want in terms of equality in this arena can best be achieved not through civil marriage but through the language of domestic partnership and civil contract (income and estate tax issues, pension benefits, personal security, and so on).
Legal marriage is a civil contract between two people that provides certain rights and imposes certain obligations.
Kholoud Succariyeh and Nidal Darwish announced in January they had wed with a civil contract by having their religious sects legally struck from their family registers under an article dating from 1936 during the French mandate era.
Request for proposal: Request For Proposals For The Right To Enter Into A Civil Contract On: Repairs Of Pavements South Side Of Pushkin Street In Derbent.
Open Competition: The Right To Enter Into A Civil Contract For Works Aimed At Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency Of The Heating System In Sfax Gymnasium ?
Open Competition: The right to enter into a civil contract for works on the overhaul of the property complex located at the address: 614099 Perm, ul.
2,170 crore civil contract for the 186-km stretch between Sachin and Vaitaran river, ?