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He asked whether any attempt has been made to move in that direction despite the Supreme Court insisting upon it a number of times and the fact that in Goa, there was a common civil code.
The Romanian Civil Code of 1864, which established civil majority at the age of 21, regulated implied or legal emancipation, on the one hand, and express emancipation (articles 422-433 Civil Code 1864), on the other hand.
It may be noted the Uniform civil code is part of BJP's election manifesto and the party is a staunch supporter of overhauling the system cutting across religious lines.
If anything, there is an urgent need to counter the country's sectarianism by enacting laws such as the civil code that would treat all Lebanese equally.
The Arabic edition of the civil code further includes extensive footnotes which refer to specific articles in legal systems around the Arab world.
Action Items The July 1, 2013, deadline set forth in the new Civil Code Section 1938 is rapidly approaching.
Therefore in the case of the Libyan Conflict, an international contractor is fully justified not to perform its duties under the Libyan Civil Code.
The third section analyzes the transition to civil codes, and the final section considers property law in the Civil Code of 1949 and subsequent reforms in light of the transition from classical Islamic jurisprudence.
177 of the Lithuanian Civil Code will come into force on July 1, 2012.
Presiding over a ceremony to implement the civil code, Deputy Prime Minister Sok An said, ''It is judicial history and a milestone in establishing fundamental laws for the Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHNOM PENH - A civil code that was formulated with Japan's help and adopted by Cambodia's parliament four years ago was finally put into use Wednesday.
There is no single uniform Middle East or Arab law, though most of the Arab countries have adopted the codified civil law system, based on the Egyptian Civil Code, as opposed to the English common law system.
60/1936, the couple's marriage is recognized in Lebanon but governed by the civil law of the country where it was conducted - a legal headache for Lebanese judges who must therefore be familiar with the civil code of the country where the marriage was conducted in order to resolve any legal issues.
Dutch Law Firm Merges With Chinese Mainland Partners Into DeHeng Civil Code NV
Several judges authorised the marriages and some even declared that the exclusion of same-sex couples in the Civil Code was not constitutional.
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