American Civil War

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But an increasingly sought-after genre now includes diaries of historical fiction, penned by fictitious girls and boys during the Civil War, American Revolution and other significant periods.
Indeed, until the Civil War, American average tariff levels were similar to those in liberal Britain, and they declined substantially from 1800 until 1860, when tariffs were raised.
Whether they allowed colonial forts to fall into disrepair or furloughed hundreds of thousands of battle-hardened Union troops after the US Civil War, Americans historically have tightened their financial belts at the conclusion of major conflicts.
With violence raging in Cairo and spiraling into what may soon be all-out civil war, Americans are wondering why the Arab Spring is turning into an Arab Winter, not just in Egypt but in other Middle Eastern and North African nations that overthrew entrenched dictatorships in the name of democratic reform.
From Andrew Jackson's 1828 presidential inauguration through the Civil War, Americans experienced an astonishing growth in material comfort, leisure time, and literacy.