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activities organized by civilians for their own protection in time of war or disaster

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The use of premises as rest centres is usually only short term, less than 48 hours, and supported by staff following the council's civil contingencies rest centre guidance.
Iceland Fire Authority, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Pomor State University (Russia) and Oil Spill Response (United Kingdom)
We are calling for a national civil contingencies conference, bringing together all the relevant parties, to prevent the UK from coming to a complete standstill and find ways to keep Britain moving.
He added: "It is time we had a national civil contingencies conference on emergencies such as these.
Whitehall officials met in the Civil Contingencies Committee on Monday to discuss the ongoing response to the extreme weather.
A paper drawn up for the Government's Civil Contingencies Unit in January 1979 warned that 500 funerals had to be postponed, and that while bodies could be stored for up to six weeks in heat-sealed bags, this was "totally unacceptable for aesthetic reasons".
It facilitates the sharing of information to improve the way that multi-agency incidents are managed and enables responders to meet their responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act.
Under the civil contingencies committee system representatives were meeting to plan how to deal with any outbreak.
Factonomy, a provider of web-based business solutions, announced on Tuesday (6 January) it had created, designed and implemented a knowledge sharing website for the Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS), the training and development arm of the Scottish Resilience Civil Contingencies Unit, to support the training, exercising and professional development of the civil contingencies community in Scotland.
Clive Townend, civil contingencies manager, who calmly helped co-ordinate a massive task of protecting the city when an unexploded World War Two bomb was discovered in the city centre this year.
He said existing measures in the Civil Contingencies Act would provide a more "robust, fair and workable" way of dealing with an emergency and offered to work with the Government on any "technical problems" with the Act.
Phillipe Mileard, Apsys vice-president, said: "We are conducting work as part of the Civil Contingencies Act to make the UK more resilient to a potential terrorist attack.
Security in the arenas of civil aviation, maritime transport, information and communication technology, and the private sector is then discussed, followed by examination of the UK's Civil Contingencies Act of 2004 and efforts to establish a Homeland Security Ministry.
The accusation follows a meeting between Mr Fabricant, Lichfield District Council chief executive Nina Dawes and Andy Marshall, the director of the Civil Contingencies Unit.
Civil contingencies minister Phil Woolas was at Heathrow for a flight to Manchester when he came across an American tourist having a furious row with an armed policeman over a bag he had dumped.