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a center where the members of a community can gather for social or cultural activities

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the center of a city

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In the Civic Centre half there is one ticket machine and in the Sandyford Square half of the car park there are two.
Our ambitious plans to speed up the refurbishment of the Civic Centre will allow us to make savings more quickly and rent out parts of the building to other organisations so we can generate savings that will support the provision of public services.
It also involves a change of use, Civic Centre 1 was used as a customer service centre and Kirklees Information Point, but that has moved to Civic Centre 3.
The connectivity of the civic centre has also been destroyed by the council giving permission for the construction of a commercial office building and hotel immediately adjacent to the Central Library in the heart of the civic centre.
With a start on site late in 2002, the civic centre was recently handed over to its users.
Another option would be building a leisure centre, paid for by Warwick district council, next to the civic centre.
CIVIC CENTRE Q&A NEWCASTLE City Council's cabinet are set to approve plans for the three-year PS45m refurbishment of the Civic Centre.
Overall the investment is expected to pay for itself within 10 years by reducing energy use at Civic Centre 3.
Our civic centre deserves to be enhanced with the lovely flower beds which have been maintained in previous years.
Not only does it give her a chance to exhibit to a wider audience, it will brighten up all visits to the civic centre.
A VITAL process of restoration and conservation is under way to preserve the Hans Feibusch murals at Newport's Civic Centre.
It is an attempt to make an urban place, a civic centre, in a culture which is unused to cities: Nuuk is still mainly a settlement of unjoined-up simplistic object buildings.
THE city is going quackers over a family of ducklings that has hatched outside Newcastle Civic Centre.
a Ao In person at the inquiry/cashier counter at City Hall or any civic centre from 8:30 a.
The Labour cabinet yesterday voted to close customer service points at Civic Centre 1, Kirkgate and Gateway to Care in the former NTL building on Market Street.